Keynote Speaker and Contributor on the Future of Business in the Travel & Transportation Industries.

Dominik Krimpmann, Ph.D., is a Business and Technology Futurist, helping travel and industrial companies think today about which innovation will impact them tomorrow.

An international speaker and thought leader, Dominik is an expert source; shedding light on the trends, challenges, and opportunities he sees shaping the future of travel and transportation.

With a background in computer science and business administration, he has consulted with more than ten Fortune 500 CEO, CTO, and CDOs on their disruption journey, managing the delivery of more than 50 different business and technology projects over the last decade.

Helping companies reimagine business through disruptive technology.

Since 2007, Dominik has been helping organizations and their leaders understand and capitalize on emerging technologies they could utilize to disrupt the status quo. Working first as the Technology Strategy Consultant and now the Global Technology Strategy Travel Industry Lead for Accenture, he currently focuses on helping business leaders reimagine a tech-driven business strategy that prepares them for what is coming, and ensures their operational initiatives are delivered successfully and in a responsible way right now.

Dominik has a robust education background spanning 13 years and four universities, and culminating with a Ph.D. in Philosophy from UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia. He has a history of learning and hands-on experience that truly helps clients achieve their objectives by inspiring teams to do their very best together and cutting through organizational ambiguity to achieve swift results.

His career passion has been focused on improving the industrial and travel industry; and through his writing on DominikKrimpmann.com and speaking engagements at conferences globally, he provides actionable insight that accelerates progress for companies in the space.

With AI and machine learning at the forefront of innovation, he envisions a world where humans focus on making it easier to sustainably live and connect with one another, while technology handles the boring stuff.

Connect with Dominik on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter @KrimpmannD

Key Career Highlights Include:

  • Creating a digital strategy and implementation roadmap for a global airline resulting in 25 percent EBITDA growth.
  • Defining and implementing the management of a travel matching platform, resulting in 12 percent additional and 12 percent top-line growth within one year after going live.
  • Evaluating and executing an AI driven chat-bot solution for a travel services company and a global airline.
  • Engaging in a commercial evaluation of a 3D printing park business model for a global automotive spare-part distributor.
  • Designing and implementing the support of an autonomous warehousing set-up for a component manufacturer resulting in an annual 14 percent cost reduction.
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