Augmented Reality: Hype or Business Opportunity?

By enabling images of the real world to be overlaid with digital information, augmented reality (AR) may be about to redefine the travel experience. The technology is rapidly gaining ground and could allow travel companies to offer customers attractive new services – for example, by simplifying chores like measuring bags or by delivering instant insight […]

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Autonomous Driving: A Must if Logistics Providers Are to Survive and Thrive?

Global parcel volumes are rising fast. That’s a welcome trend for the logistics sector. But a serious shortage of drivers is likely to cause major headaches when it comes to getting these vast numbers of items for delivery to their destinations quickly and efficiently. Autonomous vehicles (AVs) offer an ideal solution to this challenge – […]

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Cashless Payment: Travel Companies Will Drive ‘WeChat’-like Mobile Solutions

Cashless Payment: Travel Companies Will Drive ‘WeChat’-like Mobile Solutions Ordering and paying for goods and services online is nothing new. But there’s now a rapidly growing trend toward handling transactions of this kind on the move – including via mobile social apps. In China, apps of this kind have caught on in a big way, […]

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Narrowband IoT – Business Benefits for Logistics Players

In last month’s blogpost, we looked at how Internet of Things (IoT) technologies help travel and tourism players gain competitive edge through tailored service offerings. This month, we’re staying with IoT. But now we’ll consider how the wireless technology used to connect IoT devices can benefit logistics companies. And more specifically, how Narrowband IoT can […]

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Still not in the cloud? Then act now!

Cloud computing is nothing new, but its uptake has recently skyrocketed as companies from all sectors move their IT into the cloud. With the technology now established as a commodity, transport and logistics players can reap many benefits by adopting it. And businesses that are slow to act will find themselves at a serious competitive […]

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Logistics of the Future – Dark, Cold, and 100% AI-driven

Whether managing complex warehouse processes or calculating the most cost-effective routes for vehicle fleets, process optimization is the name of the game in logistics. Leveraging the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning, plus the vastly increased power of quantum computing, players in the sector can now drive substantial improvements throughout their supply […]

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Connect and Conquer: Boosting Travel and Tourism Business with IoT

Whether ordering groceries or buying a car, today’s consumers demand products and services tailored to their personal preferences. This is also true in the travel and hospitality sector: Internet of Things (IoT) technology offers travel providers a host of opportunities to deliver a made-to-measure customer experience – adding significant value for travelers at every stage […]

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Emotional AI – Getting Hyper-personal in the Travel Sector

From Science Fiction to Science Fact Just a few years ago, artificial intelligence (AI) still seemed to be the stuff of science fiction. Today, the technology is being deployed for a growing number of applications in a wide range of industries.AI has become part of the fabric of our daily lives – in the form […]

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Blockchain Disruption – Tough times ahead for travel and tourism’s middlemen?

Are we truly ready for blockchain disruption in the travel industry? Or do even have to worry about it yet? Disruption and Blockchain. These two words have been used interchangeably quite often ever since Bitcoin crossed $10,000 mark. And there’s a good reason why – blockchain has the transformational power like the internet – it […]

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