Dominik Krimpmann attends a wide variety of events in the fields of travel, transport and industrial to share his professional insights about how innovation will impact them tomorrow.


Internet World Expo 
Keynote: How technology is changing the future – and how to prepare for this
Postponed due to COVID-19

Currently prioritizing various speaker opportunities – more events will be announced here soon

2020 Events



Business Travel Show
How AI is changing the way you manage business travel
27th February 2020, London




Digital Future Congress
Artificial intelligence disrupting the traditional business
18th February 2020, Frankfurt am Main


2019 Events




Deutsche Bahn CIO Congress
25th November 2019, Frankfurt




Aero Engines Conference Europe
Innovation in MRO
12th September 2019, Istanbul





Travel Technology Europe
AI: How companies are innovating in travel
21st February 2019, London

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